Recovery Day Ottawa


Join with us for the official Recovery Day Ottawa celebration in the National Capital at Ottawa City Hall.

During the month of September, Canadians are gathering to build awareness, challenge societal stigma, and celebrate the role that recovery plays in improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

We envision a world in which recovery from addiction is a common, celebrated reality - a world where all individuals will have access to the support they need when seeking help.

We believe by speaking out as people living in recovery, or as family, friends and supporters of those affected by addiction, we save lives.

Through our personal stories and shared experience, we hope to inspire others to join us. Together, we demonstrate the power and proof of recovery from addiction.

Edgewood Health Network

Why Us?

Edgewood Health Network has over 50 years of combined experience in mental health treatment, we understand the complex issues behind addiction and eating disorders better than anyone.

The Edgewood Health Network is the largest network of adult inpatient and outpatient treatment services in Canada. We are here to help 24/7, setting the national standard in ongoing, personalized treatment for everyone. Our philosophy of treatment is rooted in the following ideals: every patient deserves a personalized journey to recovery, therapeutic community is of the utmost importance, and ongoing, open-ended treatment is key to preventing relapse into addiction. Check out some individual journeys here.



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