Recovery Day Ottawa


Join with us for the official Recovery Day Ottawa celebration in the National Capital at Ottawa City Hall.

During the month of September, Canadians are gathering to build awareness, challenge societal stigma, and celebrate the role that recovery plays in improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

We envision a world in which recovery from addiction is a common, celebrated reality - a world where all individuals will have access to the support they need when seeking help.

We believe by speaking out as people living in recovery, or as family, friends and supporters of those affected by addiction, we save lives.

Through our personal stories and shared experience, we hope to inspire others to join us. Together, we demonstrate the power and proof of recovery from addiction.

Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres

The Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres  (OATC) were founded in 1995. At that time, treatment for opioid agonist therapy, utilizing methadone, was extremely under-serviced and those seeking treatment often were forced to travel hundreds of kilometers to seek care.

Today, OATC services over fifty communities throughout Ontario, treating over ten thousand patients daily. Our staff is highly dedicated to ensuring optimal care and great effort is made toward encouraging long term sobriety from all illicit substances. While the goal may be abstinence for some, OATC focuses on a model of harm reduction. This is not a new concept. Quite simply, it promotes the notion that left untreated, drug addiction causes many harmful outcomes included victimization, overdose, incarceration, relationship financial struggles and even death. Harm reduction principles seek to engage individuals in therapy using a non-judgmental approach in an attempt to motivate individuals to a healthier life style.

In addition to treating opioid addiction (painkillers such as codeine, morphine, oxycodone, heroin, fentanyl, etc), we have taken steps to further our reach by treating other addictive substances at some of our locations (nicotine, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana) as well as offering therapy to some of the unfortunate medical consequences of addiction, such as Hepatitis C and HIV care.

We are proud of what we have accomplished over the last two decades. OATC has helped save the lives of many who might have otherwise become victim to untreated addiction. We are grateful to our community supporters as well as the many social agencies that have helped to promote our long term existence.  Above all, however, we are especially encouraged by those who have attended our Centre and have climbed that often unforgiving mountain, reclaiming the life was so ruthlessly stolen from them while in the throes of addiction.

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